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Norm, that sounds great…I've never looked at the Hackmaster version of B2 (or any of the classic modules) although I've always been interested in them.

Re: B2 Caves of Chaos by MDarcyMDarcy, 15 Apr 2010 13:56

The thick, twisted tree trunks, unnaturally misshapen limbs, writhing roots, clutching and grasping thorns and briars all seem to warn and ward you off, but you have hacked your way through regardless. Now you have stepped out into a ravine like area. The dark, streaked rock walls rise rather steeply to either side to a height of about 100' or so. Clumps of trees grow here and there. At varying heights on all sides of the ravine, you can see the black mouths of cave like openings. The sunlight is dim, the air dank, there is an oppressive feeling here. A flock of ravens rise croaking from the ground, the beat of their wings and their cries magnified by the terrain to sound loud and horrible.

You know that you have certainly discovered the Caves of Chaos.

I'd be willing to run my mash up of D&D B2 with Hackmaster B2 using Labyrinth Lord rules. I've run it twice in Austin with great success. moc.niggonk|namrahjn#moc.niggonk|namrahjn

B2 Caves of Chaos by njharmannjharman, 12 Apr 2010 15:01
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